Sasha M
Kelly is a phenomenal trainer! From day one, she was prompt, professional, and polite. I loved that she considered our preferences and lifestyle and customized the training for our dog accordingly. Kelly was always prepared with more than enough engaging activities, ideas, commands, etc. for our high-energy pup. I’m sure the hardest thing about being a dog trainer is training the humans, but Kelly did an excellent job explaining the thought process behind the strategies and coaching us through training sessions. We left each session feeling empowered and accomplished. I truly wish I would have called Kelly sooner!!! Our friends and family noticed a change in our dog after the first session! It takes work outside of the sessions but it is so worth it. Over 5 weeks of training I have bonded so much more with my dog. Having a well trained dog brings so much happiness and peace of mind!
Francesca D
I HIGHLY recommend Kelly as a dog trainer!!! I have personally seen her work aggressive dogs, an Akita and two shelter dogs in particular. The Akita was a very tough case but I saw her train him and explain his behaviors in ways that I have never heard anyone else explain. The two shelter dogs were both very fearful of people and acted aggressively towards other dogs and people due to their fear. She was able to take all of her knowledge and training and put it into those dogs, who are now comfortabkey living in homes with multiple dogs. In working with her on my personal dog, she has put behaviors into a different perspective making me see my dog differently and understand him better. Her explanations do not make your head spin, they make you understand why your dog is doing what it's doing and how to fix it. Her solutions are force free, which is even better, and allows you to really bond with and build great confidence in your dog! She is wonderful to work with and can help you turn a stressful situation around with her knowledge in training. You will not be disappointed in her work.